EMU-Air and EMU-Liquid

  • light construction for flexible use
  • equipped for water / air cooling
  • robust, flush fitting electric connections with a metal plug locking device
  • quick heating time with optimum heating capacity
  • quick cooling time due to integrated cooling channels
  • optimum pressure and temperature distribution

An application film can be found here.

Pressure Bag

  • robust rubber pressure bags with aramid reinforcement
  • shape: rhombic 16° 42‘; 22°, rectangular 90°
  • uniform pressure by the use of pressure bags
  • either air pressure or a water/glycol mixture can be used as pressure medium
  • when using air pressure the surface pressure is max. 70 N/cm² (100 psi)
  • when using water/glycol mixture the surface pressure is max. 140 N/cm² (200 psi)

Various systems are available for pressure build-up:

EMU-Air with control box

  • surface pressure up to max. 70 N/cm² (100 psi)
  • with safety valve and pressure gauge

EMU-Liquid with pressure water pumps

  • pressure medium: water/glycol mixture
  • pressure range: 70 – 140 N/cm² (100–200 psi)
  • with safety valve and pressure gauge
  • also suitable for draining pressure bags
  • 400 V, 50 Hz *

Portable type

  • capacity: approx. 9 liter/min
  • weight: approx. 25 kg
  • complete with tubular frame
  • additional tank (30 or 50 liter) required
  • capacity: approx. 15 liter/min
  • weight: approx. 54 kg
  • complete with protection frame
  • additional tank (from 50 liter) required
  • compatible with SPLICE WATCH

Mobile type

  • capacity: approx. 15 liter/min
  • weight empty : approx. 100 kg
  • tank volume: 100 liter
  • complete with chassis on solid tires
  • additional 100 liter tank available (mobile without pump)
  • compatible with SPLICE WATCH

Heating plates

  • flexible heating plates and pressure bag system adapt to the conveyor belt's surface during splicing
  • particularly easy to transport due to the low weight of the single parts and the small dimensions
  • uniform distribution of pressure due to WAGENER surface pressure system
  • flexible heating plates in sandwich construction
  • shape: rhombic 16° 42‘; 22°, rectangular 90°
  • low individual weight of heating plates

Cross Beams for pressure bag system

  • light cross beams made of high-strength aluminium alloy
  • maximum tensile and bending strength with minimum weight
  • designed to be robust and to take up little space
  • high safety standards due to insertion of the tensioning bolts with safety pins in the cross beam profile
  • spacing rails for correct and secure assembly of the cross beams are included with the press

Vulcanizing Press Type EMU DUO


  • one vulcanizing press for two applications
  • rectangular splices
  • rhombic / bias splices
  • well-known technology combined with highest safety
  • flexible heating plates in sandwich construction, consisting of cooling profile, silicone heating element and insulating plate
  • electronic control box
  • light cross beams made of high-strength aluminium alloy
  • surface hydraulic via pressure bag with aramid reinforcement

Control box with electronic temperature control system

  • electric connection as per CEE standards
  • exact temperature reading in each heating plate via thermo sensor PT 100
  • electronic controller with digital display of setpoint and actual temperatures
  • quick and simple programming of the electronic temperature control
  • in case of electronic control failure, manual operation is possible
  • the controller tolerance is only about 1% of the set value
  • timer
  • differential monitoring of the individual heating circuits
  • optional: AC power outlet 230 V at 400 V, 50 Hz, 3 Phase+N+PE
Control box Input Output
2-plug 400 V, 32 A 2 x 16 A
4-plug 400 V, 63 A 4 x 16 A
2-plug 400 V, 63 A 2 x 32 A

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* Other voltages on request