Vulcanizing presses

KLIV® - Module

  • available press sizes for conveyor belt widths from 400 – 1400 mm
  • compact press modules with integrated pressure and heating/cooling elements
  • the maximum weight of the heaviest component is approx. 75 kg
  • the ideal equipment for the vulcanizing of small and medium belt widths up to 1400 mm
  • simple and efficient
  • fully automatic ceramic heating system
  • Hydro-mechanical system for uniform pressure

KLIV® - Combi

  • available press sizes for all conveyor belt widths, particularly wider than 1400 mm
  • pressure traverses, heating/cooling elements and pressure elements of this system are designed as individual units
  • all press components are easy to handle even in cases of belt widths up to 3200 mm
  • any combination with regards to length and width of the vulcanizing area is feasible
  • the optimum unit construction system
  • fully automatic ceramic heating system
  • Hydro-mechanical system for uniform pressure

KLIV® - Cycon-Module

  • KLIV - heating elements with cooling channels
  • distributor boxes for connecting the heating elements to the mains supply
  • pressing sheets for a uniform distribution of temperature and pressure
  • hydraulic traverse beams for pressure application
  • the hydraulic traverse beams are bolted to the heating elements to form modules
  • each pair of modules consists of one top and one bottom module part, connected by means of 2 traction bolt units


  • KLIV Flameproof heating element
  • I M2 EEx d l according to Design Test Certifi cate BVS 03 ATEX E322
  • approved and authorized according to the European Standard 94/9EG dated March 23, 1994 (ATEX)
  • in accordance to the material specifi cations of the European Standard EN 60079-0 and EN 60079-1
  • each heating element has a stainless steel casing and is equipped with a FLP twin-plug
  • this system does not require any additional electric distribution device
  • for the safe splicing of all types of conveyor belts underground
  • unadjustable end temperature ensured by the ceramic heating system
  • certified for 500 – 1100 volts

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