The WACOCUT is suitable for the cutting of conveyor belts of all assembly types and strengths, in particular of steel cord belts. The cut is made at a right to the belt running direction.

The WACOCUT is intended for stationary and mobile use.  In case of stationary use, the belt clamping frame is opened parallel and the conveyor belt is pulled into the belt clamping frame.  In case of mobile use, the belt clamping frame is suspended from the crane and opened scissor-like and moved into the belt conveyor.

Alternatively the belt clamping frame standing on the ground with mounted wheelsets can be opened scissor-like and moved into the belt conveyor.  For this purpose a rail track is to be provided by the customer.

The WACOCUT consists of the following components:

  • Belt clamping frame
  • electronic control box
  • Hydraulic unit

Dimensions without Control Unit

Width approx. 960 mm
Height approx. 1.750 mm
Length approx. 2.600 mm + belt width

Technical Data

Operating voltage* DS 400 V, 50 Hz
Driving power, ripping knife 2,2 kW
Driving power, pump motor 3,0 kW
Max. belt width till 3.200 mm
Max. belt thickness till 50 mm
Cutting time for belt width of 3.200 mm approx. 140 sec

An application film can be found here.

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* Other voltages and special machines on request