Hydraulic and mechanical C-Clamp Repair Presses

  • C-clamp of high-alloy aluminum of torsion-stiff, solid welded construction
  • highest bending resistance at minimum weight
  • designed for pressure forces 3 t and 6 t
  • for repairs from the edge of the belt up to the center of the belt
  • available overhangs: 200, 400, 600, 800, 1.000 and 1.200 mm
  • the specific pressure achieved depends on the number of c-clamps used

Pressure clamps with hydraulic cylinders

  • pressure build-up by means of hydraulic light metal cylinders and high-pressure pump (manual or electric)
  • built in protection against hose breakage the hydraulic pressure is maintained in the event of hose breakage and sudden drop of pressure

Pump/torque wrench

  • when using mechanical C-clamps with spindles, the pressure is built up by using a torque wrench
  • with hydraulic C-clamps pressure is achieved by using a handpump

Heating plates

  • in well-proven frame construction, made of high-quality corrosion- resistant aluminium alloy
  • a minimum size of 300 x 300 mm is available for spot repairs
  • available for longitudinal repairs in any required length and width from 500 mm
  • specially developed heating systems and profile reinforcements guarantee optimum pressure and temperature distribution
  • available with either air or water cooling
  • robust and flush final electrical connections (up to 500 V, 6 pol) to ensure safe operation

Electronic control box

  • with cable connections (the configuration of the control box required depends on the number and dimensions of heating plates)
  • electronic control with digital display of set point and actual temperatures

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